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Model Turned Photographer

Marina Ziva is a Dallas-based photographer specializing in corporate headshots, portraiture, fashion, and commercial branding.  


Born in Russia, Marina always had an innate passion for the arts. She began her career in front of the camera as a fashion model and has channeled her fashion expertise and creative insight into photography.


Being in front of a camera for over a decade has given her the advantage of being behind the lens. With Marina’s guidance on posture, pose, and facial expression, she will make you look and feel like you belong on the pages of a magazine.


Marina Zivas views photography as an art form that significantly helps people understand themselves and the world around them. She believes that seeing beauty in even the most mundane circumstances and the gratitude it brings is one of the most beautiful gifts a person can be given, and she is constantly helping people find their voice within their work.


Carving her niche within fashion, portraiture, and commercial branding, combined with her creative composition and artistic lighting, yields timeless and one-of-a-kind photos. 


She is enthusiastic about working with clients and pushing the boundaries of the medium she holds dear.

портрет8 copy 2.jpeg


Born in Russia, I moved to the US in 2013 where I began working as a Model bi-coastally between New York and Los Angeles. This is where I met and studied with many world-famous photographers, actors/actresses, models and clientele. Although I have always had a propensity for the arts as a child, it was here where it flourished. Constantly drawing inspiration from the world around me, I enjoy building meaningful connections with my clients worldwide.

I enjoy taking risks and conceptualizing innovative ideas for photoshoots.  I help guide you on your posture, pose, and facial expression, resulting in bringing out the best version of you to create photos that are timeless.

My unique experiences photographing for luxury clients, creating press photos for artists, to working with content and advertising agencies has allowed me to understand production at all levels and the steps

necessary to produce quality on-brand content for my clients.


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